Woman with blonde hair with hair braids in Paphos Cyprus

Hair Braids in Hair By Laura hairdresser in Paphos Cyprus can make summer time more fun.

Hair Braids in Paphos, Cyprus

Summer time in Cyprus can be really warm so you probably looking for a hairdresser to figure out something. Braiding your own hair or with colorful hair it can be much better and to tell the truth, more fun! 

In Paphos, Cyprus you can wear beautiful colors during your vacation or your daily routine. I have plenty of colors you can choose from. 

The young ones are looks super cute, the grown-ups looks fun and cool with the different hair braids.  

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"Laura has been my hairdresser over 3 years now. She does an amazing job all the time and i am very happy with her and i would highly reccomend. She is also very good with braids for any occassion. 10/10 🤩" - Evelin Lakos

How long can you wear your new braids?

It mostly depending on how you wash your hair as that can cause most of the frizz.

Protects your strands from damage

For summer to protect your hair during your vacation or from the heat you can go with simple braids but with different hair colors

Long hair woman with white hair braids


Hair braids can be beautiful for special occasions or for wedding. Hair braids can give you elegance, simplicity and finesse.

Wedding hair style with braids

Shows your personality

Hair braids can be extravagant and really showing your personality.

Extravagant hairstyle to show your personality

No age limit

What is less hairm than a nice braid for a child. You can experience the time together with you and then you can wear your new hairstyles together.

girl with hair braids with hair shape

How to wash your braided hair to stay long?

Use gentle, deluted shampoo

Your scalp can be irritated with braids so don't use strong shampoo and dilutate your shampoo so it can go into the strands. You definitely don't want to use harsh products. 

Focus on your scalp

Focus mostly on your scalp and to carefully wash your skin everywhere between your braids. Give yourself a good hair massage to help the circulation in your skin to help to keep the health of your scalp.

Squeeze your braided hair

To reduce frizz sqeeze the shampoo into the braids and do not rub your hair. With the sqeeze you can move the shampoo in the braided hair without making more frizz. The sqeeze can be downward movements.

Rubbing free rinse

Take care of a good hair rinse without rubbing your hair. You can try upside down hair rinse and moving your head so you rinshe out the shampoo from the scalp, too. If you feel necessary sqeeze out the water and shampoo from your hair while you are rinsing it.  


Even if your hair will be more protected than without the braids your hair will need conditioner. Go through all the braids one by one and then rinse it thoroughly. 


Your braids will stay in the best shape if your let them dry wihtout a hair dryer. A T-shirt or a microfiber towel can be a good choise to carefully sqeeze the extra water from your braids.

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