Micro-rings hair extensions on blonde hair in Paphos Cyprus in Hair by Laura hair salon

Perfect hair extension results in the Hair By Laura hairdresser in Paphos Cyprus. Wide variety of different colors for hair extensions.

Hair Extensions in Paphos, Cyprus

I have high quality real hair extensions that are only waiting for you! As a professional hairdresser I made sure I can be the best choose for you to put on your micro-rings extensions. I made an extra training how can I keep the health of your original hair and achieve beautiful hair for you.

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Hair Extensions with micro rings

Are micro ring extensions damaging?

As the hair extensions are put on without glue or other harsh chemicals, micro rings extensions don't cause damage in the hair when properly reputable hair extension technician make it. 

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Micro-rings hair extensions on blonde hair in Paphos Cyprus in Hair by Laura hair salon after picture

The micro-ring hair extensions are the most sensitive way to give more volume and lenght to your hair. It is the fastest, most natural and painless extension. 

I work only with high quality real human hair. It is important to take care to make extensions with real hair, because otherwise you woudn't be able to style your hair with high heat. You will be able to tie your hair, straighten or style it. Due to the wide variety of colors, you can choose a color that match with your hair color and as it is real hair ,we can colour it together with your hair later. 

I take very small portions of your hair to make it natural look, but big enough to not to cause problem with your original hair. Did you know that if the portion is too small that could have a bad affect on your scalp and original hair. That's why it is important to make it for example with me, who have this special education to how to make it correctly. 

The attachments of the small rings is manual. There is no glue or other harsh chemicals. In every 3-4 months it can be necessary to reposition your extensions to their original place as your hair grows. With this micro-rings way it is possible.  

If your goal is to have hair extensions while you grow your own hair and later remove the extensions when you have your gair goal that is possible as well.

Other big advantage of this methode is that you can use any hair conditioner, hair shampoo and it is easy to comb your hair. 

Hair extensions on coloured hair in Cyprus Paphos
Hair Extensions on a brunette woman in Paphos Cyprus
Colour palette for hair extensions in Paphos Cyprus
Before after picture of brunette woman with micro-ring hair extensions

Invisible Tape-in with russian hair extensions

40-50 cm russian hair tape-in extensions in Paphos. 

You can choose from many different colors or I also work with brought material. 

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"Laura is amazing! Very talented! Always advising for best solution and suggests lots of options! I visited her in few occasions and every time is just the way should be! Highly recommended!" - Dorota Pindel

"I will recommend Laura. She is professional she knows her job well. I was happy to found her. Thank you" - Erika Bagi

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