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Haircut, hair color and hair style in Paphos, Cyprus

Hair cut, hair color and hair style all can go under one hairdresser appointment in Paphos, Cyprus. I am working with high quality materials to make your hair in the best shape by me, your hair stylist.  Do you need a refresh or a full new color? I can be your hairdresser to help you in it.

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Urgent appointment due to an event? Call me and I promise I do my best to schedule it. Your new haircut or hair color will be ready for your big event. 

"Laura is the best hairdresser I found in Paphos and believe me, I have tried some... :) She works with very good quality stuff, she is passionate and accurate. And that sculp massage when she is washing my head OMG! It is amazing as well :) I recommend Laura's services for everybody who look for quality hairdressing!" - Anna Polgár

Benefits of scalp massage

Scalp massage during your hair wash is not just to make your scalp clean. It increases the circulation in your skin which improves the blood flow. More blood means more nutrients for your hair. Which is benefitial not just when you try to grow your hair but to have healthy hair. No matter if your hair is curly or straight, coloured or natural, beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. 

Choose the right hair colour tone

Did you know that not everyone can wear the same hair color if the goal is natural look? You can define if you would look good with a hair color based on your eye and skin tone. Probably you have heared that someone maybe a summer or winter type. It is something like that. But you can check your original hair as well. When summer comes and and your skin get darker you can define it more easily. Do you get a more dark chocolate color or a warmer tone? Do you get burn more easily. These all help to define if you would look better with a warmer or cooler hair color. 

We can discuss and choose the best hair tone for you to look beautiful, vibrant but natural. 

Oily hair doesn't only depend on your hair routine

If you have oily hair that can be caused by several reason. The first thing that you can check is your own hair brush. When was the last time that you cleaned it thoroughly? If you wash your hair then comb your hair with your old brush can be a good starting point to change. It can be too many  hair washes so your scalp overcompensate it. If you use a lot of hairspray that can be, too. Or it can be your product. Some products are heavy and you can try that next time you try to change one at a time to figure out which one.

Dry hair protection

If you have dry hair that doesn't always mean you need to change your hair balm. After you wash your hair your hair is moisturized by water and your hair balm but there are holes in the strand of hair. It is totally normal but it acts like a bucket which has holes on it. When you wash your hair it is important that you lock the moisture in your hair. You can do this with a leave-in conditioner that coats the hair and gives you long-lasting moisturized hair. Even better if it gives you heat protection as well. And the last step is to protect the ends. This is what hair oil is for. You  need only a very little to close the ends of your hair. This will give you better protection.

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