OLAPLEX and COCOCHOCO hair treatments in Paphos

Hairdressers use OLAPLEX is for damaged hair and the COCOCHOCO keratin treatment is to make your hair shiny and healthy. In Paphos Cyprus you can try both of them. I can add the OLAPLEX to your hair coloring treatment to make your hair healthier while we are doing the hair coloring process.

Olaplex treatment in Paphos

Olaplex Hair treatment for damaged hair

OLAPLEX treatment is a highly powerful bond multiplier, which can be mixed with other treatments such as lightener or colour jobs.

OLAPLEX No.1 is a highly concentrated formula, designed as a first step to repairing client’s damaged and brittle hair. The formula successfully rebuilds broken bonds and prevents further damage, whilst also repairing current breakage.

OLAPLEX No.2. is a fantastic bond perfector works to effectively rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds, provides a safety blanket to the professional, ensuring nourishment to any strand of hair that could have been missed by the OLAPLEX No.1.

OLAPLEX No.4 and No.5 is a daily cleansing and repairing shampoo and conditioner, this silky fluid deeply hydrates and strengthens hairs as well as repairing shattered hair bonds in between your styling sessions, so you can carry on maintaining your favourite hair colour and style without the worry of damaging your hair beyond repair.

All OLAPLEX products free from any silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, and also aldehydes.

COCOCHOCO Premium Brazilian Keratin hair treatment

COCOCHOCO Premium Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is an advanced and revolutionary process that transforms frizzy, colored, permed or bleached hair into straight, smooth and shiny hair in one treatment. The treatment Rehabilitates the hair yet gives it a natural glossy look for approximately 3-5 months.

Good hair day everyday!

Get it before the heat comes!

Keratin treatment in Paphos
cocochoco keratin hair straightening

What is the difference among the 3 COCOCHOCO keratin treatments?

The Original Keratin is suggested to all hair types. 

The Pure Keratin is for blonde, thin, weak and damaged hair

The Gold Keratin is for dark and thick hair. Extra caring golden content will cover the strands of the hair that gives more shine. As a result, it gives more protection against for example the salty air and water and has antistatic effect. 

The COCOCHOCO Keratin straightening as a physical procedure.

The COCOCHOCO Keratin streightening is such a physical procedure which doesn't cause harm in the structure of the hair. 

IT DOESN'T CONTAIN FORMALDEHID, which was a fixing additive in the previous chemical procedures. 

In the COCOCHOCO keratin hair streightener there is no fixing liquid. It needs only the deep cleanser shampoo (to open the cuticules) and the keratin. During the treatment it creates new bonds in the structure of the hair which results in more stronger, shinier, softer hair. 

The keratin contains natural ingredients, for example nourishing Dead Sea extracts.

The treatment can be applied on any type of  hair: Natural, Coloured, Blonde, Damaged hair

The COCOCHOCO gives long-lasting shine and softness to the hair. The Cocochoco Pure contains a lot of keratin-protein, that was created for damaged hair. The treatment takes 1,5 - 3 hours (it depends on the thickness and length of the hair. )

ATTENTION: Always make it with professional hairdresser!

Do not wash or tie the hair together for 3 days. If it becomes wet, straighten it again with cheramic hair streightener. 

After the treament, use COCOCHOCO sulfate free sampoo hair conditioner and mask. The COCOCHOCO Mask is important as it contains pure keratin that increases the time of the effect of the treatment as it rebuild the demaged keratin. 

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